the beginning…

this is a painting i did at one of those paint-while-you-drink-wine kind of places. i have to admit the slight amount of alcohol did loosen up my inhibitions. i saw this warbler on the wall and instead of doing the chosen painting for the evening (pink orchid on black background) i decided that the warbler was my chosen subject. i was amazed as it unfolded because i had never done a painting such as this before. my normal subjects are lines and shapes with some paint slapped on the canvas. it is ironic that a bird was my first inspiration, and break from a 4 year painting hiatus, into the change of my subject matter. it is indicative to where i am spiritually and i feel free as a bird painting birds.



  1. what a lovely painting! i have a huge place in my heart for bird art and this one in particular really appeals to me. thank you Kate.

  2. Kate, you have a lovely artistic gift. While you are taking lessons from the Master in your art and through your blog, the rest of us will be enjoying your journey as we watch wide-eyed. Thanks for taking the courage to share with us, and we look forward to future marvels. Oh, and please tell that negative voice to take a seat!

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